insight - empowering the patient

A service design by Thomas Schertenleib, Felix Stricker, Jon Wirthner and Mona Neubauer

insight is a service design solution, developed in collaboration with the company Bayer for the Woman’s Healthcare business unit. In focus was the decision for a contraceptive and the shared-decision-making process, which strongly depends on the interaction between patient, physician and their context. The application insight offers access to patients, physicians and a circle of affected physicians as well as patients. The basis of insight are five types of cards, carrier medium of all the information inside insight. The cards can be in a digital as well as in a physical form. Modularly, the cards work independently and can be adapted to different purposes, to meet the different personal need of physicians and patients. Therefore insight improves the process of the decision making on a empathic level: It facilitates the information, communication and reflection in favor of patients, physicians and producer of contraceptives.